How we work

Doing business and manufacturing in a friendly way towards the environment and community is our top priority.

Environment, health and Safety

“A dedication to employee wellbeing”

Creating a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees with spacious rooms, international standards working facilities and modern office equipment.

British American Tobacco Cambodia aims to apply the best international health and safety standards of practice in all aspects of its operations. We give a high priority to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and visitors to company premises.

As one of the largest international investors in Cambodia, British American Tobacco Cambodia is committed to providing a safe & healthy working environment and EH&S training for its employees.  We also manage our business activities to avoid exposing our employees, and those visiting company premises to undue health and safety risks. We are also dedicated to minimizing the negative impacts that our operations have on the environment.

British American Tobacco Cambodia will therefore comply with all legal requirements, appropriate codes of practice and British American Tobacco Cambodia's Integrated Environment, Health and Safety Management System.

Corporate Social Investment

"Creating values for community”

Corporate Social Investment-Sustainability is a key focus area of our Group Strategy enhancing our reputation and ensuring we act as a responsible corporate citizen

As one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, we play an important and built close ties with the communities in which we operate. We have a long-standing approach to giving back to, and supporting, our communities through our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) contributions

The ways we make CSI contribution are including:

In cash
  • Non-profit or charity organization
  • Disaster relief
  • Financial support for charitable foundation
In kind
  • Donations of goods or services
  • Used or secondhand company items
  • Use of BAT premises or resources or equipment
Employee volunteering
  • Employee volunteering in company time or working hours
CSI Activities
Donated $ 4,503 to Kantha Bopha

Kantha BophaIn 2017, it is the second time British American Tobacco Cambodia donated to Kantha Bopha pediatric hospital where the life and hope of Cambodian children brought back with their free of charge treatment service and pure heart. As matter of fact, no less than 2,000 admission hospitalized each day, resulting in financial constraint and limitation of admitted children. Without Kantha Bopha, at least 80% of children will consecutively die.

Provide access to clean water

Donated the used computer for orphanIn 2017, we inaugurated 8 water wells which serve up to 1,040 households within different communities locating in Siem Reap, Kompong Cham and Tbong Khmom province.  The locals are very grateful to BATC granting the communities with the access to such clean water which is very pure and absent of Arsenic substance. “water is life” said a villager.

Donated the used computer for orphan

Provide 6000 Trees Authorities of Kampong ChamIn 2015, we donated in total 27 used computers for the education center and schools; including 10 computer to Cambodian Education and Development Fund in Siem Reap in May, 10 computers to Department of Education, Youth and Sports allocated to Taing Trasang High School in August, and 7 computers to office of education of Prey Srolet commune, Prey Veng province to allocate for each its primary schools in December.

In taking care of the environmental sustainability, in 2015 we cooperated with provincial authorities of Kampong Cham to plant 6,000 trees along National Road 6. And Since 1998, the company has planted more than 9 million trees across the country.

Donated $ 20,000 to Red Cross

Donated $ 20,000 to Red Cross In May 2019, British American Tobacco Cambodia donated to Cambodian Red Cross, which is the social responsible of company in comply with the strategy of Red Cross to help the life of poor people and who suffered by disasters and other crisis.

Trash Bins Donation

Trash Bins DonationOn behalf of British American Tobacco Cambodia, Legal and External Affairs  team donated 28 trash bins to Sangkat Chak Ang Re Leu, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh on 08 August 2019.

Chief of Sangkat also expressed his satisfaction on such the donation with well collaboration and support our activity, contributing to clean environment in the community.

Computer Donation

Donate Computer to High School Kompong ThomOn 09 December 2019, on behalf of British American Tobacco Cambodia – Legal & External Affairs team carried out a project under CSI to align with the global theme “empowerment”.

The project was to donate 5 computers to two high schools in Kompong Thom Province. A purpose of such the donation is to promote education sector by utilizing the technology assets that are still useful for schools.

All these above activities mark a continued effort of a good corporate citizen to contribute to the development of Cambodia.