Our industry

We highly support and comply with the local regulations on the tobacco industry. We desire to be able to join hand in shaping the regulations of this industry in the future.


Compliance with government regulation to protect consumer's health.

Tobacco consumption poses real risks to health, so we agree that tobacco products should be regulated in appropriate ways.

We support, and want to help deliver, balanced and enforceable tobacco regulation and we want to participate and support governments with advice on and compliance with effective future laws.

Tobacco product consumption poses the real risk to health, so British American Tobacco

Cambodia fully supports sensible and balanced regulation for tobacco market control in order to reduce the public health effect. In addition, it strongly supports the tobacco industry’s role in national revenue guaranteed through the payment. E.g. Excise + all tax relevance.

Our commitment is to ensure that the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are deeply embedded throughout our business.

International Marketing Principles

Compliance with the International Marketing Principles of the Group

A fundamental requirement of our marketing principles is that our marketing is aimed only at adult consumers and is not designed to engage or appeal to children.

Our core marketing principles

At BAT, we have International Marketing Principles which set down detailed guidance on all aspects of our marketing of our conventional combustible tobacco products and our portfolio of potentially reduced-risk products – from print, billboards and electronic media to promotional events, packaging and sponsorship.

As part of our ambition to transform tobacco for our consumers, our business and our shareholders, we have expanded our portfolio in recent years to include, in addition to conventional combustible tobacco products, a range of potentially reduced-risk products (PRRPs), including vapour, tobacco heating products and oral tobacco. To reflect this multi-category approach, our International Marketing Principles apply across all our products, not just conventional combustible tobacco products.

Our International Marketing Principles require that our marketing, across all our products, must be:

  • responsible
  • accurate and not misleading
  • targeted at adult consumers
  • transparent
  • compliant with all applicable laws.

International Marketing Principles (1,.5 mb) 

Corporate Behavior

Conducting our business with honesty, integrity and transparency is not only the right thing to do, it is also critical to the continuing development of a business that is responsible, successful and sustainable in the long term.

Raising standards, leading the industry

Acting responsibly and with integrity wherever we operate underpins our whole approach and forms the foundation of our culture and values as a company. We regard robust corporate governance a key element underpinning the sustainable, long-term growth of our business.

We’ve been focusing on corporate behaviour issues for a long time and this is reflected through the many good practices embedded across our business. For example, our approach to supply chain management, labour practices and human rights were again recognised as industry-leading in the 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Our Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC)   is our core policy document covering areas such as speaking up (whistleblowing), anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering and tax evasion, anti-illicit trade, lobbying and engagement, respect in the workplace, human rights, and political and charitable contributions among others. This is complemented by our Supplier Code of Conduct, which clearly defines the minimum standards we expect of all our suppliers, our Principles for Engagement and International Marketing Principles   as well as supporting procedures, including our Third-Party Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) Procedure.

We’re always working to remain at the forefront of best practice and build upon our approach to meet new challenges and opportunities. For example, we’ve made good progress recently in strengthening our management of human rights, such as through the updates to our Supplier Code of Conduct, in 2018 to include additional human rights provision.

Our approach

Conducting our affairs with honesty, integrity and transparency is key if we are to continue to develop as a responsible, successful and sustainable business. Our corporate behaviour approach is built on:

  • Delivery with integrity: We’re committed to sustaining a culture of integrity. Our business standards should never be compromised for the sake of results.
  • Protecting human rights: We respect the rights of people across our entire supply chain and our own operations. We have an integrated approach to protecting human rights.
  • Marketing responsibly: We are committed to marketing all our tobacco and nicotine products responsibly and only to adult consumers.

Youth access prevention

We believe our products are only suitable for adults and we do not want people who are underage to use them.

British American Tobacco Cambodia strongly believes children should not smoke. We view youth smoking as a critical issue in today’s society, and we want to help ensure that only informed adults smoke. We are committed to programmes that tackle the issue with a particular focus on access control.

 A global approach
Retail access control programmes focus on restricting the sale of tobacco products to minors at the point of sale. They include proof-of-age schemes and teaching retailers about relevant laws and ways of preventing sales to minors.

We support retail access control programmes together with other tobacco companies and major Cambodia retailers. They help educate retailers on how to refuse cigarette sales to people under 18.

It’s essential that any tobacco or nicotine products are not marked to youth. Given the nature of our products, we take seriously our commitment to market them responsibly and only to adults.

That’s why our operations in our markets worldwide are required to follow marking principles which are globally consistent and demonstrate our commitment to marketing appropriately.

Our International Marketing Principles (IMP), revised in 2019, provide detailed guidance on all aspects of our marketing of our conventional combustible tobacco products and our potentially reduced-risk products portfolio. Central to the principles is our commitments that our marketing is aimed only at adult consumers and is not designed to engage or appeal to youth.

Our activities

Beyond our strict requirement for adult-only marketing, we also expect all our markets, where possible, to conduct youth access prevention activities for the sales of our tobacco and nicotine products. Our commitment to only market our combustible tobacco products to adult smokers has long been supported by our global Youth Smoking Prevention (YSP) Guidance and activities for our operations worldwide. Our revised YAP Guidelines that now cover all our product categories (including all PRRPs), and broadened their scope to also include markets where our products are distributed through third parties. It is now also mandatory for all markets – unless there is a government ban in place – to provide retailers with point-of-sale materials with YAP messaging. To support their application, we rolled out new training for our Trade Marketing and Distribution employees, and strengthened governance procedures at Group level to ensure compliance.

Our global approach requires all our operations in our markets, wherever possible, to:

  • work directly with retailers to uphold minimum age laws and our own internal standards
  • support distributors in providing training and point-of-sale materials for use by retailers
  • engage with governments in markets where there is no minimum age law of 18 to see one introduced.

The support we provide to our operations in our markets and to distributors includes training and point-of-sale materials for retailers to help them uphold minimum age laws.