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Operating responsibly

Responsibility is a key pillar of our business strategy and as a lead tobacco company in Cambodia; we demonstrate our responsibility through all aspects of our operations.

As part of the British American Tobacco Group, British American Tobacco Cambodia abides by a set of principles and standards that form the basis on which our business operates.

Statement of Business Principles

Our Statement of Business Principles forms the basis on which British American Tobacco Cambodia businesses are expected to be run in terms of responsibility. Developed with the help of stakeholders in dialogue, it consists of three Business Principles – Mutual Benefit, Responsible Product Stewardship and Good Corporate Conduct.

Standards of Business Conduct

We are committed to doing the right thing and acting responsibly at all times in the best interests of the company. We take comfort and drive in knowing that we will do the right thing and behave in the right way. More importantly, we see this as critical to the sustained high performance of our business in the long term. Thus, it is a key element of our business strategy. Rules and policies have been set out that everyone working for the British American Tobacco Group must follow in order to promote the application of consistently high standards of corporate conduct. Click below to download:

International Marketing Principles

Our International Marketing Principles provide a consistent and responsible approach to marketing across the Group.
We believe our marketing should be responsible and honest.

Our four core principles are

  • Our marketing will not mislead about the risks of smoking.
  • We will only market our products to adult consumers.
  • We will not seek to influence the consumer's decision about whether or not to smoke, nor how much to smoke.
  • It should always be clear to our consumers that our advertising originates from a tobacco company and that it is intended to promote the sale of our tobacco brands.

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